The Youth Assembly of Nigeria Kogi State Chapter presented an award to Dr. Ezra Gbaje SHILOBA.||Anyigbaleft

The University librarian Federal University lokoja, today as an Icon of Humanitarian service and SOCIETAL DEVELOPMENT.
According to the state Ambassador Obaje Mustafa Hassan  in his words he asserted that the award accorded to Dr. Shiloba by the Youth Assembly of Nigeria is to regard his unequal humanitarian services to the society. Hence the purpose for the award is to encourage him to do more of the good work he has done in the past.

The event which took place in a grand style held at the federal university lokoja today with host of students and friends of the awardee.

According to one of the friend to Dr. shiloba he buttress that the award is meritorious because the attestation of humanitarian services of the awardee is clear even for blind to see and deaf to hear. However he described him (shiloba) as a model of humanitarianism.

Dr. Shiloba in his words of appreciation and acceptance of the award, pointed out that he has not done anything to worth recognition by anyone, talk more of a great body of this kind, however it's very important he tries to do more of the little he has done. Hence he appreciated the Youth Assembly of Nigeria for the show of love, wonderful recognition and undeserving applaud although he pledged his supports for the body come rain come Sun.

The event ended with light refreshments among the participants and closing prayer.

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