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 The acrimonious situation of Anyigba environs has reached shocking magnitude as the fight and killings in Anyigba is no longer considered as fight between two cultism groups to me again, but the fight between two groups suffering from lack of orientation, poor upbringing and lack of formal education.

If I may ask, are these boys cultist?
What is the definition of Cultism to them?
Who gave them this wrong orientation?
Are they really educated?
How many of those killed so far are graduates or undergraduates?
What are they fighting for?

Based on operational definition, cultism to me or cultism popularly called in the neighborhood as secret cult can be said to be an organization in which people come together to pledge their allegiances under an oath and have a social bond of commitment and dedication for the good of the organization.
However, today these set of people carry out their meetings when people are not aware of, especially during the odd hours (Midnight) and far away from residence (in the bush most often time). These individuals keep their activities secret from non-members and people in the society.

Considering the definition above, Do the activities of these boys killing themselves in Anyigba make any positive impact?
Are their activities secret?

If we may tell ourselves the truth, the only machinery through which this menace could be brought to an end is the government, but no other group.

This is because these people can never listen to anybody and if they listen, they will not understand what you are preaching because of their background and fake orientation.

Hence, government should use cane or stick approach because this is now beyond carrot approach.
Finally, I wish to also use this avenue to call the attentions of our people in government to come to our aid and stop this menace that has gone out of hand.

-Comr Umar Isah(Moraby)

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