Kogi State Deputy Governor Chief Edward Onoja, the hounded and the most altruistic pioneer of our age.-Tboss Elemona.||Anyigbaleft

Streak back to the couple of years CEDO has been in the situation of guiding the undertakings of kogi state till date, he has in his charitableness without a doubt enabled uncountable quantities of kogi citens, including children and girls of no one.

This quality of being a synergy for the advancement for humankind and mankind alone has made him exceptional and surely the head of the whole Igala realm deserving of imitating. The countable days he accepted the second and the principle face of his initiative as the appointee legislative leader of the express, a great deal of obligingness visits have made out went with budgetary backings to the less benefits and numerous others.

I'm by and by shy of words each time I reflect over the great heart CEDO is honored with for being a deliverer of our age, offering would like to sad individuals, treating everybody similarly with due regard.

Everything I could outline is to implore that God all-powerful ought to secure, lead and improve Chief Edward Onoja to keep doing the great work he has decided to do and make him the best among the equivalent at unsurpassed, so be it.

Much thanks to you His Excellency CEDO, the Deputy legislative leader of Kogi State.


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