Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida is Not Dead -Spokes Person.||Anyigbaleft

The news that broke out in the early hours of the morning about the passing away of the former military head of state has been confirmed to be fake news.

Mr Kassim Afegbua confirming the military head of state alive asked Nigerians to see the news as hate speech targeted at the general he also pray for forgiveness to those who wishes the general dead.

“May Allah forgive those who wish IBB dead. God is the giver and taker of life, not humans. Death, as the irrevocable end of all creation, will surely come to everyone some day and at the appointed time and hour, but to deliberately spread fake news and wish someone dead, is to take humanity to another bizarre level. May Allah forgive them. IBB, by the special grace of Allah, the omniscient and omnipotent One, shall live to fulfill his journey and destiny in life, to the consternation of those who are always wishing him dead. This is about the third time this year.

“We wish to thank those who took time to reach out to us, home and abroad, to find out the truth. We thank you all for your love, care and concern. May Allah grant us all good health, sound mind and long life. Amin. “

Long live the General

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