Under the new dispensation,The supposed CEDO will perform for the most part stately and killing capacities, while the Administrative, money related and the center elements of the legislature will be performed by the new carbals headed by the new Chief of staff with 100% of the Governor.In reality Ebira collabo. 

Those Carbals are as of now on ground completely upheld by bby the forces and Authority of the gov .The main obstruction is the legal ligitation on the simply finished up election.If paraventure YAHAYA BELLO develops Victorious at the council, court of bid lastly the incomparable Court,then the carbal will doubtlessly begin executing their systems toward politically debilitating Edward ONOJA. 

The plots know that Edward ONOJA contributed over 90% to the achievement of Gyb and he knows about all the altrocities that were submitted during the political race and consequently any demonstration of exploitation may prompt jopardising the triumph of Gyb at the courts. 

The Cabal will ensure that the make Edward ONOJA understand that Karma is real.Edward will be given the equivalent treatment,if not more terrible than that he allotted on Simon Achuba.Edward ONOJA wil be rendered weakened, befuddled and perplexed . 

Any answer for our dear Deputy Governor who has now transformed himself into a scout searching for where ladies brought forth triplets and where individuals pass on ,to proceed to sign sympathy register and show his supposed altruistic gesture.The just arrangement is to return to his roots,his ancestral men for an exhaustive support.But the disastrous situation is that he has pointed his dad's home with his left hand.He Edward ONOJA let us know and champion the reason for ENEMUNEME.and we come 2023 will proceed from were he halted. 

Rather than Edward ONOJA ,I surmise Enemuneme will be better come 2023.

--Enemama Sam Akubo 

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