Stop Post Political decision Bloodbath, Kogi PDP Cautions APC Hooligans, Supporters.||Anyigbaleft

Peoples Democratic Party  (PDP) has discredited spate of post-political race savagery in Kogi state.

In an announcement gave by a representative of the party, Austin Okai Usman, the nonstop bloodbath and post political decision assaults on the individuals from its gathering, after the executing of Mrs Salome Acheju Abu, has proceeded with unabated.

Okai criticized the ongoing endeavor on the life of Salifu Agahiu in Abocho town, Biraidu region of Dekina neighborhood government region.

As per him, the casualty of the ongoing post political decision assaults by the APC hooligans turned into an objective for his jobs in assembling the electorate in Abocho to decide in favor of the resistance.

"Mr Agahiu was cut by the APC hooligans on the sets of political deputies from the zone who were been compromised of not holding their situations in the coming administration, in the wake of gathering preparation finance yet couldn't convey their zones.

"This is coming at the background of a few assaults in the area of Abocho after the declaration of aftereffects of the political decision, that restored the Representative on Monday, November 18.

"His aggressors have vowed to go round the towns to dispatch assaults on people and gatherings liable for the terrible execution of APC in the last political decision in the zone, without confinements.

"In their words, they have the support of top government authorities from Abocho region to release fear on the individuals of the region and the whole state," he said.

PDP, in any case, spoke to the culprits of post political race brutality to stop fire so as not to turn a few pieces of the state to battlefield.

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