As a people of a unique extraction,(IGALA RACE)a reoccurring political challenge was seen to be starring us in the face, a challenge that threatened to annihilate the trace of our political existence and survival as well. It was a widely known scenario that got every passionate minds from this divide agitated and burning with all sincere desire to change the unfortunate development,a unanimous decision was arrived at by all, waiting for the whistle to be blown so that everyone can exert practical efforts in the bid to restore our lost and ebbing glory.

The Igala Elites were mostly relied upon and seen as the backbone for this struggle, most especially those that indicated interest in managing the state by obtaining nomination forms of various political parties, former governors, ministers, highly placed personalities, as exposed as they are and others, the hope and enthusiasm was high, all the locals needed to topple a failed but very aggressive and violent minded incumbent was a little push from the Elites and other top notch for logistics and normal fortifications, the locals have done their bits by offering themselves as ready warriors to defend the resolved "ELECTORAL VERDICT"from their end with all vigour, but so disheartening and disappointing the bigger masquerades we relied upon, "Except for few of 2 or 3 committed elites, All others left the entire igala race to an unfortunate plight just because their personal interest that superimposed that of majority KOGITES/igala was not covered.

The Tatatatata (s)election have helicoptally come and gone leaving much casualties recorded at our own end of the kogi divides,but of a very worthy significant notice and commendation is the courage and resilient resistances put up by the "LOCALS", they displayed that RUGGED COMMITMENT and They delivered, the whole length of Ayegba Oma Idoko divides gave their all,despite the Tatatatata and kpokpokpokpos, except for few of my Ibaji brothers who gave in, if not, from Ankpa Ejilogwu through Omala, Idah, Ofu, Dekina, bassa, igalamela,to olamaboro, without the expected support of our bigger masquarades, they delivered, a Sign that, even without them, we have discovered our own strength and that in the near future, we should look inward for strengths in the face of whatever adversities.

The most painful aspect of it all is that these persons have enjoyed or benefited from the same numerical strength and efforts of this land immensely from past electoral developments, but today since its not them, the land and her people must suffer,.

For the aggressive continuation of the REVIVAL of our land, " A RAINAISANCE MOVEMENT is on, details of it can only be known to active, dedicated and committed faithfuls, our strength is in us.

We ll never rely on dispassionate people who prefer to throw away 24 non refundable million naira just to buy a nomination form but cannot spare a penny in the interest of the land of their birth or for humanity, im sure they ll continue to buy "FORMS"... Imagine one Ologba man buying 24 million naira form, not very sure, if he has spare a penny on the path of humanity nor his land of birth in years.

We have opened register of dishonour, in due course, details of those elites that abandoned us shall be left there for posterity and history sake.
Lets take our fate on with the few sincere sons who are ready to pull along with us.

---Ahmed Suleiman MAS

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