Message Of Hope To Kogi People From Prince Mohammed Abubakar Audu.||Anyigbaleft

"Forcing A Horse To The River,Can't Force It To Drink The Water"

By tomorrow,Kogi state will decide who will be it's next governor,the highest political stool of the state,so there is need to reflect on the immediate past four years and what transpired before the last four years in the life of the state.

We all Know the charade called goverrment imposed on the people of the state by the APC led federal authority and the judgement on our collective people of the state,visited on us in the last four years.

No doubt,even a mad man and woman on the street of Kogi,knows the difference is clear from the previous leadership for the last four years in comparison.

But the era of politics is hear again,and we must vote wisely and choose our leaders wisely to govern us in the next four years of our political life .

It behoves on kogites to know good governance to bad governance practically and not theoretically in the last four years.

Kogi state is a civil service state,that desire regular payment of workers salaries from state to local government including pensions and gratuities.

But what we have witnessed in the last four years, is the high level denial and impugnity on the toothless Kogi workers, as they were been hauled into detention all in the name of screening and verification.

Social services that is supposed to be the right of ordinary citizens is now a previlege in Kogi,and many atimes denied on the alter of mischief and bad governance.

Infrastructural development of the state hitherto scattered in the nooks and crannies of Kogi, is now history and an object of social media publication and mass deceit of the people of the state.

The polity has been so bastardised that mass killings and destruction of lives and properties is now the other of the day,as community leaders and traditional rulers in the state have been inculcated into the parcel and parcel of the state polity,with bias and sectional support to the ruling party in the state, inspite of the people's sufferings.

But our destiny is in our hands, we either make or mar our destiny and that of our unborn children in tomorrow's election, being Saturday the 16th of November,people of Kogi should stand and defend their fate

They have guns, INEC,security agencies and hoodlums but we don't have,our only weapon is our votes must count,we should resist fear,affront and plan killings of the power mongers of APC Yahaya Bello and 'adunyi ta wonko las'.

Once bitten twice shy,all hands must be on deck to reclaim our mandate,our heritage,our good governance ,our cherised pride of place in Kogi state and 'BELLO MUST GO'.

Enough is enough for the wise,hunger and death does not nor Ebira,Igala and Okuns as well as other tribes in the state,we must reclaim the people's mandate by tommorow as another opportunity may not come back again.

If we play with this opportunity to change the narration,another 16 years will come and kogites will keep wallowing in abject poverty, retardation,denial and bad leadership in the state .

A stitch in time,they said saves ,look beyond their killer gun,look beyond their intimidation all over the state with imported thugs and vote for the freedom and liberation of the entire Kogi state .

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