Where is the video of Ejeh Abutu confession ?

 At a time we are busy for a search of the whereabouts of DCP Suleiman Ejeh Abutu, various watsap group were littered with the Edward Onoja message claiming that Ejeh Abutu has made some confessional statement that he is in possession of firearms, in his desperation for the election he can’t win, the so called Deputy Governor has turned himself to be Police PRO, this is happening when the police authority in Kogi state is yet to confirm to us the whereabouts of the Ejeh Abutu.

I remember vividly in 2017 when SARS arrested me from Abuja down to zone A, there they asked me to write my statement that, the state government has a security tip that I Austin Okai  was planning to set Lokoja revenue house on fire and that I am arming and training some thugs in Kogi, and that I have visited the area on several occasions, I look up and down and deep inside me I know I am being framed up, just like  Ejeh Abutu who went missing and within three hours is being paraded in lokoja by police that he is in Possession of firearms. Edward Onoja wants every igala man to go for him to become deputy governor. He will fail again.

So many youths have been forced into the APC using this same formula and unfortunately SARS is a willing agency.

A well armed thugs has been shooting in Abocho for over 48 hours, all he gets is complementary from Police, Ejeh Abutu who pulled a MAMOTH crowd yesterday in Dekina for WaDAro campaign is being framed up.

Number one weapons  of Edward Onoja is “frame up” he did it to Senator Dino Melaye in 2017, by using the same police, after Dink Melaye now Ejeh Abutu, he has turned himself to spokesperson of Kogi state police command moving from one watsap group to another that DCP Ejeh Abutu has made confessional statement.

 It is a lie, the whole set up started for over two week ago, when the approached Ejeh Abutu with car and money which he rejected, Ejeh Abutu said he can’t be part of the government that failed in the responsibility, after that we got a tip of plot to burn down Ejeh Abutu house In Ajiolo, which we raised the alarm and some youth of our PDP were put on guard, after that failed here we are with a set up of a retired Deputy Commissioner of police being in Poseidon of firearms, they are angry after the large numbers of people that came out for Engr Musa Wada campaign rally yesterday in Dekina.

The real men with guns and illegal firearms are Bello and Edward Onoja men, Senator Melaye caught them importing military wares into the country, Elder Simon Achuba, the Deputy Governor also warned us that the reality problem in Kogi state is that of Bello men who are dangling with guns unrestricted.

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