They say those who benefit from a bad government will always not see any thing wrong with it - but those who have refuse to put their conscience to sale will always be critical about the daily actions and inactions of such government.

 In the last four years Kogi state has been plunged into abject poverty,so worst that people go for days without food,let's not talk about families that can no longer afford their children's school fees,or about families that left their love ones to die because they can not afford hospital bills.

 The situation in Kogi state is worst than any state has ever endured in the history of Nigeria,but those who have been feeding fat and rich from this erroneous leadership have refuse to see any thing wrong with this and will rather share fake projects and fake development strides on social media to keep their masters pay coming.

 The peasant,the commoners and the talakas who I am a part of have seen it all in Kogi state,we have witness suffering at it's highest level,we have savored underdevelopment in every sense it could be defined in.

 Thus the election is no longer between APC and PDP,or between 2 + 2 and 4 + 4 as it seems.

Rather it is between the oppressed people of Kogi state and the the oppressors,it is between the mitigated people of Kogi state and those who have pertook in the four years of these mitigations,it is between the Talakas of Kogi state who have been denied the dividends of democracy and those who have held on to this resources - sharing them amongst friends and amongst allies.

 Kogi 2019 is a tussle between the victimised civil servants who have been made slaves and salvages in the last four years against those who have held unto their wages,refusing to pay them even when they are worthy of it,the election is between the unemployed kogi youth who roams the street in search of a daily bread that does not really exit against those who hide under youthful exorbirant to steal and rub the state of it's common wealth.

 It is an election between the rural dwellers of Kogi state who have been detached from all forms of development and suffered the lack of basic amenities in the last four years against those who have remained in the urban areas feeding fat from the wealth of the entire state which the rural dwellers are a part of.

Kogi 2019 is an election between the child of the common man who has been giving a tray to hawk orange and Banana across all the busy junctions in the state and those privilege thieves who have taking away education and all forms of empowerment from the reach of the common man,and in return send their children to school in big cities and abroad - it is a struggle between those whose business has been closed,those whose wealth has been hijacked,those whose means of sustainance has been forcefully taking away from them against those who have hijacked the state and made it a fountain where they enrich themselves and their families even at the expenses of the people.

 It is a struggle between truth and lies,between development and underdevelopment,between the weak and the strong,between the United and the divided, between the abandoned and the recognized,between the Patriots and those who have been compromised,between us with conscience and those who have sold theirs,it is between us the children of the common man and those who who have capitalize on this leverage to rub us of our common wealth.

 This election is a struggle between a new Kogi filled with Opportunities and an old Kogi filled with rascality,abuse of power and all sorts of underdevelopment.

Kogi 2019 is a struggle between light and darkness _ and light will surely win.

 Let's get Kogi working with ENGR MUSA WADA.

Written by
Jacob Unekwu Agada.
the author,Ebulejonu and
Idah,Kogi state.

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