The reason why the APC thugs are shooting guns up and down is to scare and discourage people from coming out to vote on November 16th.

By their calculations, even as bad as Bello is, the Central that has the lowest voters' population will vote for him because he is their own and they have always voted for their own no matter what.

The West with the second largest voters' population are politically more conscious, civilized, organised and oriented than both the East and Central and therefore would not vote for a poorly performed government like this one by Bello.

The East with a voters' population that is larger than the West and Central put together will naturally vote for Wada because Bello has poorly performed and he is contesting against their own.

Being conscious of the aforementioned facts and figures, they decided that the three local government areas of Dekina, Ankpa and Ofu that produce the largest chunk of the votes should be disorganized through violence so that people will not come out to vote which should in turn reduce the total votes of the East to give Bello an edge from his Central block votes and just a little percentage from the East.

Contracted to do this sordidly dirty job against the Igala people are:

1. The Igala son that is desperately desperate to succeed Bello as Governor;

2. The administrators that are too desperate to become executive chairmen;

3. The few misguidedly misused opportunistic errand boys of the desperado;

4. The former rich men that were revived but not restored with integrity and;

5. The brainwashed youths in cults and on drugs.

Are you not surprised that the violence and all the acts of tensions are based in Anyigba and exported in steps to Abocho, Iyale and recently Dekina town? Even that of Ofu is dependent on Anyigba for fund and support. And naturally, Ankpa is a no-nonsense area. Nobody can try any nonsense thuggery there. It is therefore enough to conclude that once violence in Anyigba is halted and discouraged, Igala land will have peace.

In ignorance, they expected PDP to return violence for violence so that the resultant tension will give them the voters apathy result that they want but knowing that civilisation and politics has gone far and beyond that, PDP has taken another advanced option that will shock, shake, choke and bring them to their kneels.

It is not as if we are not aware of their dependence on the security and INEC to compromise but tell them I told you that they have failed.

The violence, frame ups and arrests will not save them. Apart from the notorious criminals they bail from prisons and the thugs they brought in from totto, Benin and Lagos, let them go into hell to bring devil who is the mother of all terrors, they will fail and sink together.

The people who have decided are determined and they will vote and their votes will count and be counted!

-- Alh. Aio White

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