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There’s a popular saying that, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  That might be the case but darlings, have you tried figuring out a woman’s silence? It is a job in futility and except that woman in question tells you what’s bugging her, you just might spend precious hours wondering what has gotten her panties in a twist.

While there are lots of situations whereby a lady might just decide to hold her peace, there are some common instances when she might be propelled to remain silent rather than venting.

She’s had enough

If that woman is at the end of her rope and she can’t put up with you any longer, her silence should let on that fact quickly enough. Just know she’s planning ways to get away with murder in her mind.

Oh well, that woman might just be feeling waves of contentment and happiness ebb around her, and this time she chooses to enjoy and contain the flow without announcing it to all and sundry. Even a certified nag would hold her peace when her grievances are resolved.

She doesn’t think it’s worth the effort to explain herself

While some ladies would drag out an argument until they feel a sense of justification, others don’t see the need to let on their opinions the moment they feel the other person has a made-up mind already.

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