Gradually, the peace in our society has been forced into extinction and act of ungodliness, lawlessness, illegality, irregularity and immorality were made the final replacement of the peaceful co-existence of our society today. 

No doubt, injustice is the only and major sources of violence and endless civil unrest in the contemporary world and Nigeria is the worst example in Africa but yet, instead of seeking appropriate approach to ameliorate the existing menace, the generational politicians are busy aggravating more pressure on the keg of the gun-powder waiting to explode any moment. 

Over a month ago I have resolved within myself that issues of governance in kogi state should be left in the hands of God to be decided. It appears silence could connote danger to the future as the atrocities of the government remain unabated in the state. It's aberration to tolerate this height of injustice in the face of justice in the state. 

For those beneficiaries, it will definitely sound sweet that the table is at its best position because nothing appears to be wrong with the system and the corresponding processes. But I challenged you to find out and learn from other parts of the world the standard practice of governance across Africa if your state is anywhere closer. 

The situation will linger so long as there's no alternative to APC and PDP in the country. The institutional paralysis caused by absence of operational opposition politics is a parasite that is capable of sinking the national Progress in the middle of the ocean. 

Now come to think of the political development in kogi state, the question that will comes to mind in ideal circumstances is that, 

How will Bello and Edward feel should they are at  the end opposite? 

Would they have the courage to approach any court on the fact that they might seek for justice where they have already instituted injustices as norms? 

Though, I would show no concern for Elder Achuba because he is also a product of betrayal and he is enjoying his end result but for the sake of posterity and judgemen.

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