Ojuju Agbadufu Igala, the umbrella youths organization for the Igala people of Kogi State,  has cautioned Ebira Youth Congress on the danger of making inflammatory and uncouth statements as regards the forthcoming Governorship election in Kogi that will feature the incumbent  Governor Yahaya Bello, who is Ebira from Kogi Central and a major contender,  Engr Musa Wada from Igala speaking area of Kogi State.

Speaking to  News Men in Idah on Saturday, The Clerk of Council of Ojuju Agbadufu Igala, Comrade Maji Isah said it is irresponsible of Ebira Youth Congress to call anyone of Ebira sons and daughters who will not support Yahaya Bello a bastard while threatening to call the bluff of such persons.

In his words Maji Isah said " Social Cultural Organizations are supposed to be the mirror of the cultured aspect of a people, but this leadership of Ebira Youth congress has become irresponsible and thrown decorum to the wind"

He further noted that it is unheard of anywhere in the world for a people to endorse a COLOSSAL  FAILURE  just because of his tribe

" I read their statement where they agreed that  Governor Yahaya Bello "has PERFORMED BELOW EXPECTATIONS and FAILED WOEFULLY" but still for the sentiment of tribe and hate for the Igala people, they will prefer he continues to LEAD KOGI to the GALLOWS. Very unfortunate"

Maji Isah said the statement "Kogi belongs to Us  Ebira now and the Igalas must respect that" was the lowest comment that could come from any Social Cultural Organization

"Yahaya Bello has betrayed everything Ebira youth congress should stand for. As an Ebira man He has failed the legacy of great Ebira leaders like Ahmed Attah, A.T Ahmed and others who left great marks in the sands of Time . It is a disservice to the legacy of this great men for him to be listed in their ranks. As a young man (youth) Yahaya Bello has done too much damage to our collective aspirations of young vibrant leadership in this country. As young people we should all be ashamed of being associated with such an UNDER PERFORMER"

Governor Yahaya Bello has failed the State, responsible Igalas,  Okun and Ebira people will vote and send him packing from Lugard House. This will not be because he is an Ebira person but it will be because of his UNDER PERFORMANCE even with the resources available to him which you already attested to.

WE  should not and CAN NOT REINFORCE FAILURE, He said.

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