Nigeria: Igala Political Power At Cross Road – Says Sheik Ahmed.||Anyigbaleft

A public Commentator, Sheik Ahmed Bello has attributed the political woe befalling the Igalas to self centeredness and lack of Unity.

Speaking at this year’s anniversary of Igala youth organization, “Udama Igala Youth Association” in Kaduna, Sheik Ahmed said the people’s political power had been mortgaged by some selfish interests who have no love for the land.
Political thuggery, he added, has become the order of the day.

He said it was unfortunate that due to selfishness and failure to speak with one voice as well as refusal to acknowledge specialization, the land has become barren in all spheres of socio-economic and political development.

Sheik Ahmed stated that Igala land was a country of its own with direct dealings with colonial masters since 1841serving as a major market for slave trade.

“The British were dealing directly with the Attah and all these were documented”, he said
Sheik Ahmed frowned at how “the Hausas have underdeveloped the Igala land”, pointing out that if Ajaokuta steel compay was sited in Sokoto or Kano, it would not have been abandoned.

Similarly, Obajana, he noted, was sold to Dangote, while the coal at Okaba, Awo and Enjema among other areas, and were being exploited by the same business mogul under an unparticipatory act.
He said it was so sad to note that out of the 176 nationally listed mineral resources, Kogi, alone accounted for 47 of which 2 were being exploited and to the neglect of the people who were neither involved nor felt the positive impact of their God given resources.

Earlier in his address of welcome, the President of Udama Igala Youth Association, Mallam Ibrahim Yakubu said the organization was meant to encourage and promote Igala culture, tradition, norms and custom that is reasonable and not repugnant to natural justice.
It also promotes and enhances community development in the entire Igala land.

Mallam Yakubu reminded the people that the division of Igala land into Local Government Areas was administrative purposes and development and not a separation of the people.
He therefore stressed the need for the Igalas to continue to promote unity, preach values and encourage their unique culture and tradition.

The Youth Leader announced plans by the association to establish a Cooperative Society to boost members’ economic well being by providing soft loans.
The annual event was graced by the Olimene Attah and Onu Igala Community Kaduna, Chief Joseph Daikwo accompanied by members of his Council.

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