For how long do you think people will remain deceived? This administration of Governor Yahaya Bello is expected to would have organized a state Thanksgiving to some of us that have courage to say the truth and make him understand that something needs to be done somewhere other than these praise singers who are only interested in their pockets and not ready to support the administration for any success. Instead of those frustrated miscreants to keep quiet, they go about to continue their hopeless dreams. 

The administration is already frustrated otherwise, how would a government that sacks more than half of its total workforce and yet unable to pay salaries of the lucky ones that escaped the unscrupulous screening promise to employ new 3,700 civil servants in the state?

The planned false employment of new 3,700 more staff is a scam and attempt to further impoverished people and deceive them for his political gain. For over three years and the half ago, what has he been able to do as regard the unemployment situation in the state instead he purported a kangaroo screening exercises and victimized all his political opponents.

No sincere government that truly wish to employ new people for real jobs will do it without adequate plans. One will be force to ask where would these said intended new employees will be engaged? To still further aggravates the unending crisis resulting from non-payment of salary in the state? Isn't this a plot to brainwashed people because of the up coming governorship election in kogi state?

According to Prof. Wole Soyinka, books and other forms of writings are terror to those that wish to suppress the truth. I can't stop saying what's right concerning the maladministration of the highest level like this one. No amount of intimidation has the capacity to engulf my desire to write about the truth.

My kind advise to this government and his people is to simply begin to understand and respect people's opinions and reactions about them so that they can adequately respond to situations appropriately instead of dissipating time obviously for what has no bearing for the administration and stop fighting us that have no weapons to retaliate except with our PVCs.


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