For whatever reason that we think the #RevolutionNow agenda is genuine, for me, I see it more like putting the cart before the horse.

I hope we check the records very well before embark on what I may have to call a misplaced action. We all understand that country is in a sick state but when we don't sit to calculate the required steps to healing our country, we will end up compounding the issues.

One question remained unanswered by the converners of this proposed protest. What does the protest tend to achieve?

1. Overhaul of the present government?
2. Demand for responsive leadership?
3. Seeking additional publicity?
Or for social activity?

I beg to defer on this as the call towards changing the country has to begin with ourselves. Then to our families, communities, societies, local government, State, then we would see that the country would have been changed already. There is no Federal Government without the Local Government. So let's deal with the local issues first because the metamorphose into the big ones.

The Nigeria's problem is complex because we as a people made it so. The same people who want to join in the protest, are the same people who would take as low as N500 to vote incompetence during an election. Typical example is the Kogi case.

How can we fix this country when we all have our biase? Just like the Biafra call, this is another misplaced call.

First things first, let us start it from our respective States by shutting down government to demand accountability.

However, Sowore's arrest has further exposed the Government led by President Buhari as tyrannical and disregards for fundamental human rights.

I am *Austeen Anibe Otene*
Rights and Equality /Climate Change Activist

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