Kogi Peace Concert; Kogi Guber Aspirant, Abubkar Ibrahim Tasks Kogi Government, Political Class Over Synergy.-Anyigbaleft

Frontline Kogi governorship aspirant,Abubakar Ibrahim of PDP, said for genuine peace to reign in Kogi state,all hands must be on deck by the critical stakeholders and the political class, to operate on the same template, that will guarantee peaceful co-existence.

According to ANYIGBALEFT,  Abubakar made this revelation in a message to the organisers of Kogi Peace Concert, held at the University auditorium of Kogi State University, Anyigba . 

He said Kogi state government must operate with critical stakeholders and political gladiators in the state, to mitigate the prevailing fragile peace currently prevalent in the state.

The Guber aspirant described lack of intra and inter political tolerance among political gladiators and self centred interest, had metamorphosed into lack of peaceful co-existence among the people of the state in recent time.

He deplored the attitude of stakeholders who have adopted lackaidaiscal attitudes towards maintaining peace in the state,particularly on Kogi east,were Ideological and political differences is seen as a taboo in the current dispensation.

Abubakar Ibrahim expressed dismay on the growing bitterness and hate speech in our political development in Kogi, build up to November Guber election,particularly in Kogi east regarded as hot bed of political activities.

He said the numerical strenght that is the advantage of political development in other states of Nigeria, had turned the political development of Kogi east,a do or die affair.

Kogi governorship aspirant appealed to the organisers not to stop at nothing at spreading the advocacies of the desiring peace in Kogi state,and Kogi east were the activities of hoodlums known as thugs are on the increase,rather than engaging in meaningful ventures.

He wondered why the chances of the political class and contestants to elective positions from the area, is dependent on the number of thugs and squads you are able to mobilise,saying it amount to ignorance on the operation of democratic practice.

Abubakar said democracy is a game of numbers and we must abide by the tenets guiding the practice,rather than employing other needless gimmicks to foist ourselves on the people.

He pleaded with the state and federal authorities to in the interest of peace and normal coexistence, deploy more security agents and actions to address the lingering insecurity around Kogi state and particularly Kogi east.

He thanked the organisers for the concept, capable of restoring a lasting peace to the state, even after the governorship election in November,so as to attract more investment and development of the state.

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