H.E Alhaji Ibrahim Idris is a nine year former Governor of Kogi state. H.E Captain Idris Wada is a four year former Governor of Kogi state coronated by Alhaji Ibrahim Idris after denying Echocho of his mandate. Wada who took over from Ibro never saw the need to consolidate on  his hold on politics. He lost the reelection.

 Today Idris Wada want to stage a comeback. I doubt if the Wada that I know who exhibited no strength to retain his seat as an incumbent Governor can pose a threat to GYB reelection.

 Ibro too is supporting his son, Abubakar, a weaker tool to take over from GYB.

My pain is that these two leaders are supposed to be rallying points in the struggle to unseat GYB. Unfortunately, Wada is not ready to jettison his personal agenda for the general interest of kogites. Ibro too has refused to see the need to prioritise the struggle in order to make removing GYB easy. 

Wada is the Governor who made IGALA lose the executive seat. Wada's family are becoming a thorn in the political project to unseat GYB. While Wada want to come back,his brother, Engr Musa Wada is also in the race. Ibro's family is another threat to the "project unseat GYB". 

While Ibro's son, Abubakar is in the race supported by Ibro, Ibro's daughter's husband(Engr Musa wada) is heavily supported by his wife Asmau Ibrahim Idris and his brothers, Suleiman Idris and Mohammed Idris. These are all members of Ibro's immediate family. 

Engr Musa Wada who is a younger brother to Captain Idris Wada is Ibro's son in-law,the husband to Asmau Ibrahim Idris. Ibro's son,Suleiman Idris has no support for his own own brother. He is the DG campaign of Engr Musa Wada.

There is already crisis. The Igalas are loosing it already. Igala aspirants and the masses are disenchanted with the Ibro and Wada family. If we lose the cohesion that will enable us stage a comeback to power in Kogi state, the igala race will not forgive Wada's and Ibro's family. 

Let Wada side-step his impossible comeback mission and let Ibro desist from his third term ambition through Abu, his son. Let the two of them come together to provide leadership towards having a consensus candidate that will be acceptable to the igala people and the entire state. 

For those people making a fortune out of deceptively telling the duo what they want to hear, they must understand that they are accomplices in the treacherous scheme that may destroy them and generous ahead.

Time is ticking fast!

-Martin Enebi

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