Penultimate to the 2015 election, the late Prince Abubakar Audu of blessed memories was the leader of APC in Kogi State and also a Gubernatorial aspirant under the same party.

He never hated anyone or muscled anyone out from contesting with him. He created a serene political atmosphere and a level playing ground for everyone to contest.

He respected the party supremacy and  left the party to decide on who they deem fit to bear the flag of their party in the general election.

That recognition was the attitude that strengthen our party men and women to work selflessly and tirelessly under the sun and rain, both day and night to defeat the incumbent government

In fact it was that attitude that gave Alhaji Yahaya Bello, a new entrant who made his debut in politics and who was also from the minority to clinch the second position in the primary election of the party.

It was also the similar political disposition that Governor Wada displayed that enabled the new opposition party to defeat him in the general election.

In the two scenarios above, neither Audu nor Wada saw their competitors as enemies rather as people who had similar interest of serving their state in accordance with their constitutional rights at heart.

Today, the party supremacy has been reduced to nothing. Party leaders and members are living at the mercy of those who inherited their struggle for power.

Today, any Kogi indigene who indicates interest to serve his people is adjudged as an enemy of the state.

What we are seeing today is an absolute deviation from the Manifesto of our party the APC.

But we have the absolute faith that responsive leadership where the PEOPLE SHALL TAKE THEIR RIGHTFUL PLACE AS MASTERS OF THE GOVERNMENT AND NOT HER SLAVE as we see today will be returned to the archives of our political history.

Then, we can have a government that will SERVE her people  and not RULE them. Will PERSUADE and not INTIMIDATE them. Will INITIATE and EXECUTE projects and not GLAMOROUS SHOW WITH NO CONTENT.

In due time, APC shall get it right in KOGI STATE, it have always done.


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