According to EGU view below : "Iye Grace Adejo is the only woman in the race for PDP’s ticket. She must have consulted very well to be in the race in Kogi State this time. 

It’s clear that women want to wrestle power from men in Kogi State. The women are worried that from the fifth assembly in Kogi State to the present seventh assembly, women are not considered therefore, according to her, “when I become the Governor of Kogi State things will change, women will take positive strides in decision making for Kogi state”


It's factual that everyone in kogi state is aware that women have not been given the chance to emerge elective position from the fifth Assembly till date despite the increasing global agitation to involve women in governance, it's also factual that the women are worried over the situation.

Categorically I have come to state clear that Iye does not recognize gender boundary, I am a woman of equity,  my ambition is in pursuant to rescue all kogites. I come out at a time when kogi needs a competent hand to recalibrate its compass of development and governance and it really beyond gender.  It's obvious that he stated that I have come to wrestle power from the men being a woman, and I have widely made consultations. 

Sincerely, I have not come to wrestle power from the men, but for men to see that only with more women involvement can our fortunes change for the better and a vote for a female  governor this time is the answer Kogi needs at this point in time. To get anything differently you have to do things differently. It will be a different ball game if a woman is made governor this time which has never being done.

My ambition is emanating from the view point of the saying that when you are silent about what is affecting you and your people then you are planning to watch yourself and your people perish in the bondage of that which is affecting you. However I am very resolute to my course because Kogi needs me to solve the various socioeconomic, political and humanistic challenges. Whereas I don't see my gender as weakness but a strength even as the only woman amongst the PDP aspirants. 

The ticket

The ticket is the only tool that can make the desire of myself and every aspirants in the party to come true, it obvious that our party is having a greater edge to reclaim her victory come November poll only on the ground that a capable, competent and masses candidate win the party ticket, Thankfully the party is rebranded to serve this purpose. 

We are looking to experience a repeat of the 2018 PDP Presidential Primaries which was adjudged the best primaries ever, again in the forth coming guber primaries for Kogi. However the ambition of Iye is for the people, and I have come on this platform to return power to the people not only to women but all people and races in kogi state. 

The decision for the success of the party lies with the delegates and I pray and plead with them and their conscience not to play with the right of their party members and the aspirations of the people of Kogi for a better life. I urge delegates to be upright and vote plainly to give the people a mandate that they can trust. May they have the will power to write their names in gold.
Dear delegates, choosing to vote the right candidate is sacrosanct and Princess Iye Grace Adejoh is the best and the answer by God's grace. 

Written by:
-Princess Iye Grace Adejoh

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