The biggest undoing of an average igala man and woman militating against a collective positive progress is “THE MINDSET”.

This is an area that an aggressive orientation is urgently required in order to redirect the AFFECTIVE and NEGATIVE MINDSET being exhibited by almost all and sundry.

The most spoken words that last on every young adults lips, and longer all day, is gossiping and casting their fellow being without reasons, under trees, shades and all corners, they expend and dissipate energies on an unproductive endeavours.. obviously, Positive progress starts from positive and sincere affective minds,”..

 The igalas are good at shifting blames and exonerating SELF, absorbing OMI KA TE and rubbing the shit at all cost on others, it goes beyond admitting at every fora how our leaders and Elders FAILED,at that still, the present generation of youths inherited all the bad manners and ills as transfered hook line and sinker, ULENA, ULAKA, OMI KA TE ANYO have absolutely pushed us to self a designed extinction.

Collective strengths gives room for massive communal advancement, the earlier we jettisoned the search for faults even on those glaringly striving towards positivism the better for us, how can you be praying and waiting for a blunder from your fellow igala brother or Sister simply because He or She is doing everything in his or her own little way to better the lots for his or herself and others?

An Igala man is always good at claiming collective credit after every Hectic struggle,common appreciation becomes like a burden, fault finding will then now overtake appreciation instead, also, to him of igala extraction, provide succour to him from january all through to november and maybe an unavoidable constraints hinders you from doing for December, he or she ll forget all the 11 months benefited just because a month was skipped…

 Invite them to an occasion where serious progressive issues ll be up for discussion, the question ll be “who is his father”? Or better still, ll be labeled with one negative attachment or the other, so as to discourage others from attending and he or She ll not grace same occassion as well…

So so unfortunate…. I’m baffled at the unimaginable act of some igalas picking a form for a contest they know is just for one person at a WHOPPING 25 Non refundable millions of naira, monies that can established some small scale industries that ll in turn create EMPLOYMENTS, inordinate ambitions and selfish interest are forces pushing them to throw away those blessed cash…. God !!!!!

 I think t a REGISTER OF DISHONOUR should be opened, where some unpatriotic igalas who deliberately ignore our national conversations and the course of our progressive movement shall be boldly inscribed for purpose of historical clarity.

To get a lift off these mess, there is need for massive sensitization/ awareness campaign to be targeted at the upcoming ones in our secondary schools, primary schools and of course Tertiary institutions on our land.

We must make efforts to consciously address this or forget progress absolutely, only sincere and positive minds ll want to wish good on his fellow man, and this the Igalas lack.

--Ahmed Suleiman #MAS

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